What is a Community Correction Order?

A Community Correction Order (CCO) is a sentence imposed by a court upon conviction. It is an alternative sentence to imprisonment. 


The standard conditions are:

  • To be of good behaviour
  • Appear before a court if called on to do so
  • Notify the court if you change address.

Additional conditions can also be imposed. For example:

  • Supervision by Community Corrections
  • A requirement to complete a rehabilitation program
  • Community service hours
  • A condition that you abstain from drugs
  • To abide by a curfew

Length of the order

When making the order, a magistrate or judge will specify the length. However, it cannot exceed 3 years for each offence.

Do I have a criminal conviction?

Yes. A conviction will be recorded unless a conditional release order without conviction is imposed.

What happens if I breach a Community Correction Order?

If you commit a further offence while on a CCO, then a court may re-sentence you for the offence/s for which you received the CCO for.

The court has the option to not take any action. Alternatively, the court may call up the order and re-sentence you. In other words, the court can impose a more serious penalty. For example, a longer CCO or an Intensive Correction Order.