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Being charged with an offence can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

At W & Co. Lawyers, we provide a personal approach to quality legal representation. We are committed to getting you the best result, and will ensure you’re informed and consulted every step of the way.

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“Zoe handled my case with an amazing attitude. Always extremely professional and empathetic, which is very important in such delicate situations. She was very responsive and experienced. I had the best outcome possible and I am very grateful. I definitely recommend Zoe Whetham.”

“I’ve had Zoe represent me for the past 6 months during my court proceedings. From start to finish Zoe was very approachable and answered my million questions. Yesterday was my day in court and wow she really went above and beyond with representing me and got me a sentence no one thought possible.”

“Zoe is my trusted legal adviser. I had chosen to engage with her after already engaging with a previous lawyer as she demonstrated professionalism, clarity of thought, she was reassuring throughout my distress and she made the entire process hassle-free. Zoe is excellent and I am truly grateful for her services.”

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