A jail to serve sentence of intensive corrections order.

What is an Intensive Correction Order?

An Intensive Correction Order (ICO) is a sentence of imprisonment imposed by a court. However, the term of imprisonment is served within the community.

Standard ICO Conditions

An ICO requires you to obey strict conditions. The order can include standard conditions and additional conditions. As a result, an ICO can be quite onerous.

The standard conditions of an ICO are:

  • To not commit any offence
  • Supervision by a community corrections officer.

Additional ICO Conditions

An ICO may have additional conditions imposed. For example:

  • A curfew
  • Home detention
  • Electronic monitoring
  • A community service order
  • You need to complete a rehabilitation condition
  • You must abstain from drugs or alcohol
  • Restrictions on visiting certain areas
  • You can’t associate with certain people

What happens if I breach an Intensive Corrections Order?

Breaching an ICO can result in full time jail.

Unlike a Community Correction Order, Probation and Parole will deal directly with a breach. Therefore, the original charge will not go back before a court and you will not be re-sentenced.

Probation and Parole will first decide if the breach is proven. Following this, they will decide whether any action should be taken. This can include revoking the ICO.

Revoking the ICO will result in full time imprisonment. In other words, you will be in jail for the rest of your sentence.