conditional release order nsw court

What is a Conditional Release Order?

A Conditional Release Order (CRO) is a sentence imposed by a court requiring you to be of good behaviour. In addition, it requires you to appear at court if called upon to do so and to notify the court if you change address.

Additional conditions can also be imposed. For example, a condition requiring you to continue to see a psychologist or a condition that you abstain from drugs.

If a CRO is imposed, the court cannot also impose a fine in relation to the same offence. However, court fees will apply.

How long is a Conditional Release Order?

The order can be made for a period of up to 2 years. When making the order, a magistrate or judge will specify the length.

Do I have a criminal conviction?

A CRO can be imposed with, or without, a conviction.

If it is imposed without conviction, you will be discharged and the offence will not appear on your criminal record once you have successfully completed the order. It is important to understand that the offence will show on your record until the order ends.

If it is imposed with conviction, the conviction will remain once the order is complete.

What happens if I breach a Condition Release Order?

If you commit a further offence while on a CRO, then a court may re-sentence you for the offence for which you received the CRO for.

The court has the option to not take any action. Alternatively, the court may call up the order and re-sentence you. A more serious penalty may be imposed. For example, a fine or Community Correction Order.