Breach Good Behaviour Licence

If you breach a good behaviour licence, you can elect to have the matter determined in court. Our experienced traffic lawyers are committed to helping you keep your licence.

What is a good behaviour licence?

The RMS provides this option to an unrestricted licence holder who has lost all their demerit points.

In effect, you will be on a good behaviour licence for a 12 month period, instead of having your licence suspended for 3 months. 

During the 12 month period, you have two demerit points. As a result, if you commit a traffic offences while you are on a good behaviour licence, the RMS will suspend your licence for double the length of time. In other words, the licence suspension will be for 6 months, instead of 3 months.

Will I get a criminal record for breaching a good behaviour licence?

The breach will not appear on your criminal record. However, the traffic infringement that caused the breach, may. 

No conviction will be recorded if you do not elect to take the relevant traffic infringement to court.

However, a conviction can be recorded if you elect for your matter to be determined in court. As a result, the offence may show up on your record. 

Will I lose my licence?

Yes, you will lose your licence if you breach a good behaviour licence. The period of suspension will be 6 months.

The only way to avoid this, is to elect the traffic infringement and receive a non conviction or a finding of not guilty in court. For example, you need to get a conditional release order without conviction. If you receive a fine, you will be suspended.

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