Remove Licence Disqualification

If you’ve had your licence disqualified for a lengthy period, we can help. In certain circumstances, it is possible to apply to remove a licence disqualification.

Can I apply to remove my licence disqualification?

Yes. However, only eligible disqualified drivers are able to make the application. You can apply if:

1. You’ve completed an ‘offence free period’ (either 2 or 4 years, depending on your prior offences); and

2. You haven’t been convicted of a serious driving offence. For example, a police pursuit, or a driving offence that resulted in death or grievous bodily harm

What is the process?

The first step is to get a copy of your driving record. You can do this through the RMS, by completing a ‘driving record application for disqualification removal order’.

Secondly, you should obtain legal advice to ensure you are eligible to have your disqualification removed. 

The next step is to file the application with the court. As a result, the court will provide you with a date to attend court.

At this stage, you should start preparing documents that will be able to assist in you obtaining a favourable outcome from the court. 

The court will ultimately decide if it’s appropriate to remove the disqualification period, based on your application.

We can help 

Our commitment is to help you get your licence back as soon as possible.

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