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What is a Sentence Assessment Report?

Before a sentence hearing, a Court can order a Sentence Assessment Report (SAR). A Community Corrections Officer will write the report following an interview with you. A magistrate or judge will then consider the report during your sentence hearing.

How do I know if I need a Sentence Assessment Report?

A SAR is only required if it is ordered by a Court.

Following a plea of guilty, a judge or magistrate will review the police facts. If the Court is of the view that either imprisonment, or a community based alternative is appropriate, they will make an order that you attend your local Community Corrections Office within a certain time period.

What questions will they ask?

Once you report to Community Corrections, an officer will get in contact with you for a time to take part in an interview and undergo an assessment.

The officer will review the charges and facts. They will ask for information regarding your family, your background, your employment and any health related issues. They will also ask questions about the offence for which you have pleaded guilty to.

The aim of the report is to determine whether you are suitable for certain sentencing options, such as community service and supervision.

The Court will receive the finished report from Community Corrections. The report will also be available for you to review the morning of court, before you are sentenced.

What outcome will I receive?

The SAR does not dictate what the sentence will be. Instead, its purpose is to inform the magistrate or judge. This means that the full scope of sentences are still available after an SAR is ordered. As a result, you may still receive a non-conviction through to full time imprisonment.

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