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Successful Licence Suspension Appeal – P1 Driver

Last week, our client was able to get his licence back following a successful licence suspension appeal at Newcastle Local Court.

Provisional licence holders can find themselves with their licence suspended very quickly. This is because P1 drivers hold only 4 demerit points. For P2 drivers, this increases to 7 points.

When these demerit points are exceeded, the RMS sends out a ‘Notice of Suspension’. This notice will advise the driver that as a result one or more traffic infringements, their licence will be suspended for 3 months unless an appeal is made to the Local Court. Click here for more information on appealing an RMS licence suspension.

Our Client’s Case

Our client came to us after losing his licence for committing one speeding offence as a P1 driver. However, he had only held his driver’s licence for 3 months prior to committing this offence. As a result, the chances of a successful appeal were slim, due to the Court’s concerns about young drivers being unsafe on our roads and ensuring they endure some punishment.

After conferencing with our client and his family, we identified the strong subjective features of our client’s case. We then worked with our client, to prepare these arguments to present to the magistrate in court. This included preparing evidence and supporting documentation.

In Court, Zoe Whetham presented our client’s case to the magistrate. Through persuasive submissions, our client had the appeal allowed, and the 3 month suspension completely lifted.

This meant that instead of serving a 3 month suspension period, he was able to keep his licence and continue driving.

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