Appealing a Police Suspension

If you’ve received an immediate notice of suspension from the Police, you have two options. We can help you decide whether appealing the police suspension, or electing the traffic infringement, is the best option for you.

Why has the Police suspended my licence?

The most common reasons why the Police suspend your licence include:

  • If you’ve been charged with a drink driving offence (PCA) 
  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h 

The suspension will be in place for a set period of time, or until a court determines the matter. 

Alternatively, it is possible for the RMS to appeal your licence. Read our article for more information.

Can I appeal a police suspension?


However, it’s difficult to be successful. This is because the test that the court applies is whether there are ‘exceptional circumstances’ to lift the immediate licence suspension.

Unfortunately, needing a licence for work alone is not an exceptional circumstance. However, exceptional circumstances can be met by one exceptional factor, or a number of ordinary factors. 

Is there a time limit to appeal a police suspension?

Yes. You must appeal the decision within 28 days of receiving the immediate notice of suspension.

We can help 

Our experienced lawyers have received excellent outcomes for our clients who have appealed licence suspensions in the Local Court, assisting them to have the suspension quashed or reduced.  

We can help you:

  • Lodge the appeal,
  • And prepare a strong subjective case in order to get your licence back. 

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