What is the definition of Drug Supply in NSW?

The definition of drug supply in NSW is very broad. It includes taking part in any step in the supply of drugs.

Examples of Drug Supply

Therefore, “supply” includes the following acts:  

  • Selling or distributing a prohibited drug
  • Agreeing to supply or offering to supply a prohibited drug, even if you do not physically supply the drug
  • Keeping drugs for supply or having drugs in your possession for supply, even if they have not yet been supplied
  • Sending, forwarding, delivering or receiving drugs for supply
  • Accepting payment for drugs on another person’s behalf, even if you do not physically receive the drugs yourself
  • Facilitating the supply of drugs, for example providing a contact or phone number to another person, so that person can obtain drugs
  •  Authorising, directing, causing, suffering or permitting the supply of drugs
  • Or attempting any of the above acts 

Deemed supply 

A charge of supply can also result from the quantity of drugs in your possession. This can occur even if you don’t have any intention of supplying the drugs. This charge is known as “deemed supply”. 

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