Supply Prohibited Drug

Supply prohibited drug is a serious charge that often results in a conviction.

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For example, read our Past Cases, to see how we negotiated our clients charges from Drug Supply to Drug Possession, with no conviction recorded:

Can I avoid a criminal record for drug supply?

Drug supply is a more serious charge than drug possession. Therefore, most people will receive a criminal record. For first time offenders charged with supplying a small quantity, the penalty will likely be a fine or a community corrections order

However, it is possible to avoid a criminal conviction. As a result, a conditional release order could be imposed. The likelihood of this outcome depends on the quantity of the drug, the circumstances of the offence, and the subjective circumstances of the offender. 

We have achieved excellent results for matters involving large and small quantities, including non-convictions for drug supply matters that were dealt with by the District Court. 

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    Will I go to jail?

    The maximum penalty in NSW depends on the quantity and type of drug, and ranges from 10 years imprisonment to life. Therefore, it is possible to go to jail for supply prohibited drug.

    A term of imprisonment will be considered for serious examples of supply. For example, where large quantities of drugs are involved or the supply is sophisticated. This includes first time offenders. 

    If I defend the charge, what must be proved?

    The prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you:

    1. Supplied, or knowingly took part in a supply
    2. Of a substance that is a prohibited drug. 

    Therefore, you will be found not guilty if the prosecution is unable to prove these elements.

    What is the definition of drug supply?

    The definition of supply in NSW is very broad, and includes “taking part in any step” of a supply. It is also not necessary for the prosecution to prove that the supply was in exchange for financial or material gain. 

    Schedule 1 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 has a list of substances that are ‘prohibited drugs’. A prohibited drug also includes admixtures that contain a portion of a prohibited drug. 

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