Sexual Touching Child Between 10 and 16

Sexual touching a child between 10 and 16, carries a more serious maximum penalty, due to the complainant being a child.

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What is Sexually Touching a Child between 10 and 16?

The touching must be sexual and the victim must be aged over 10 but under 16 years.

Sexual touching is defined as any touching that’s done with any part of the body, or with anything else. Therefore, it can be through clothing. In addition, it can be committed if the touching is with an object, rather than a “skin to skin” touch.

It’s also an offence to incite another to sexually touch the alleged victim, or to incite the alleged victim to touch you (or a third person).

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    What is the penalty for Sexually Touching a Child Between 10 and 16?

    The maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment in NSW.

    The court will likely impose a conviction. In addition, a term of imprisonment is likely. In order to reduce your sentence, it is important to present a strong subjective case.

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