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Mid Range Drink Driving – No Criminal Conviction Recorded

Since the introduction of the Guideline Judgment for Drink Driving in 2004, NSW courts have taken a strong approach to drink driving offences. In particular, mid range and high range drink driving, where it is extremely difficult to avoid a conviction.

However, last week we successfully obtained a section 10 non conviction for mid range drink driving for our client.

Our client came to us feeling anxious about receiving a conviction, and stressed over the impact of losing his licence. His job relied on him being able to drive a car. In addition, he was planning to obtain a new role in the near future. As a result, a criminal background check would be conducted.

Zoe worked closely with our client to present a strong case to the magistrate. This involved taking the time to understand our client’s unique personal circumstances, and answer any questions he had. We also provided quality advice regarding the steps he could take to increase the likelihood of having no conviction recorded.

In court, Zoe presented the magistrate with subjective material on behalf of our client. In addition, she made persuasive submissions as to why no conviction should be recorded. As a result, our client did not lose his licence, he did not have to pay a fine or take part in the interlock program and most importantly, he did not receive a criminal conviction.

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