police cannabis caution in nsw

What is a cannabis caution?

The cannabis caution scheme operates in NSW. As a result, you can receive a caution from police instead of being charged with drug possession.

Police can issue a person up to two cautions. The first caution will come with a notice which aims to provide education about the effects of cannabis use. The second notice requires a person to undergo a mandatory education program on cannabis use. 

However, the caution only relates to possession of cannabis, not supply. Therefore, a caution cannot be given even if the cannabis supplied was a small amount. Instead, police will issue a Court Attendance Notice for drug supply.

Am I able to receive a cannabis caution?

You can receive a cannabis caution if:

  1. The amount of cannabis in your possession is 15 grams or less; and
  2. You have not previously received more than one caution; and
  3. You have no prior convictions for drug related offences; and
  4. You do not have a criminal history relating to violent or sexual assault offences. 

However, the caution is discretionary. This means that police can decide whether or not to issue you with a caution, even if you fit into the categories outlined above. 

Do I need to attend court?

You do not need to attend court if you receive a caution,.  

However, if you are charged with possession of cannabis, you will be issued a Court Attendance Notice and will need to appear before a magistrate. 

Do cautions show up on criminal checks?

No, a cannabis caution will not show up in a routine criminal record check. However, this does not mean that it is not recorded. It will still appear on your criminal history held by police.

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